GIT fatal: loose object

Friends need help.

After a system failure on the host there was such a mistake.

Fatal error: unknown class App\Entry in /home/uzbek/uzbek.rf/www/app/Vacancy.php on line 25
error: inflate: data stream error (unknown comperssion method)
fatal: loose object 130dc6556560992b5a0f13992d5f0d716867c6ba (stored in    .git/objects/13/0dc6556560992b5a0f13992d5f0d716867c6ba) is corrupt 
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

The site gives you a white screen , what to do?

I understand that this is a problem with Git, but I'm with him, unfortunately , bad. :(


If you have a "good" copy of the repository

First of all you need to know if you have a backup somewhere (another copy of the repository).

If you do simply grab the last good copy and you are good to go.

If you don not have a "good" copy of the repository

If will be hard to "fix" the repository.
First of all try to find out which file is broken:

git show 0dc6556560992b5a0f13992d5f0d716867c6ba
git cat-file -p 0dc6556560992b5a0f13992d5f0d716867c6ba

Once you know which file is it try to recover it from the history of your editor.

You can also run :

git fsck --full 

to see if you have some other "broken" objects.

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