should I choose reactjs+f7 or f7+vue.js?

Lately I plan to rewrite my ionic app because of its poor performance on Android. I am impressed with framework7(f7)'s smoothness on Android. But it lacks data bindings, and not as elegant as react. However I do not wanna sacrifice performance too much. So I am choosing between reactjs+f7 and f7+vue.js. Reactjs+f7 can make code much more elegant, I can use flux+react-router. f7+vuejs is likely to have better performance, smaller bundle.js, I can stick to f7 built-in router and only use vue.js where I wanna use, there is more control on my side.


I can't comment on any of the frameworks since I've been mostly doing desktop dev with Angular, but I can comment to some of the 2 primary concerns that you alluded to:

  • performance
  • development ease.

On all of the projects I've worked on, any time a choice of performance over development ease came about, development ease was the simple choice.

Here's why: Technology will always improve, eventually mitigating most performance concerns. Unless the framework just completely tanks your CPU, which you'd notice and have heard about, it will eventually smooth out. Plus you can always performance-tweak things later....

Things that improve your day to day experience and keep you happy at your work are harder to come by. I say choose what will allow you to be your most productive. Based on what you've suggested, the ReactJS + F7 would be my 1st

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