October CMS how to login ?

October CMS is flat file CMS. Maintaining CMS pages from back is very simple.

You can login to OctoberCMS from its backend. to go there you need to navigate to https://your_site.com/backend. Here you will be greeted with the prompt to enter username and password.

Once you enter correct credentials OctoberCMS let you login. Now you can edit update cms pages.

Backend Url : https://your_site.com/backend

In some cases this backend location is changed to some secure name. To find excat backend url you can check site_root/config/cms.php -> backendUri key.

backendUri key in cms.php: backend-uri

Once you enter backend url (https://your_site.com/backend) in browser you will see login screen.

OctoberCMS V2: october-cms-v2-login

OctoberCMS V1: october-cms-v1-login

Once you enter valid credenatials you can login to october cms backend.

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