October CMS Magic Form

Website requires to collect data from there users either its feedback or for general purpose tasks. To do so websites do have forms where user fill there data and submit.

Designing this form can be cumbersome specially when you are not a developer. Its really hard to code form define fields and then add validations to it. It does not end there it has to store that data to database as well.

Luckily OctoberCMS Magic Form plugin comes handly in this situation. It has plently of features to Design Required form to collect user data.


  1. Create any type of form: contact, feedback, registration, uploads, etc
  2. Write only HTML
  3. Don't code forms logic
  4. Laravel validation
  5. Custom validation errors
  6. Use multiple forms on same page
  7. Store on database
  8. Access database records from backend
  9. Export database records in CSV
  10. Send mail notifications to multiple recipients
  11. Auto-response email on form submit
  12. reCAPTCHA validation
  13. Support for Translate plugin
  14. Inline errors with fields
  15. AJAX file uploads
  16. Custom Events

Types of Forms Magic Forms has

  1. Generic AJAX Form
  2. Empty AJAX Form
  3. Upload AJAX Form

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