October CMS Installation


October CMS Installation Tutorial

To run October CMS locally, we recommend the following software:

  • Laravel Valet for macOS(opens new window)
  • Laragon for Windows 10(opens new window)

Installing Composer

October CMS uses Composer(opens new window) to manage its dependencies. So before getting started, you will need to make sure you have Composer installed.

You should also check that your computer or server meets the minimum system requirements for running the PHP application.

Installing October CMS

You can then create a new October CMS project by using create-project command in your terminal. The following creates a new project in a directory called myoctober.

composer create-project october/october myoctober You may also install to the current directory using this command instead.

composer create-project october/october . When the task finishes, run the installation command to guide you through the next steps.

php artisan october:install

Next, migrate the database with the following command.

php artisan october:migrate

You can then serve the application and open it in your browser.

php artisan serve

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