how to Install OctoberCms command line

October is one of the best flexible content management system in Laravel CMS’s. It was originally desinged in 2012 for WordPress replacement and become popular among developers really fast.

The main features are that it’s easy to customize and extend, a clean UI is really hepls for building client sites while giving them a nice backend to play with.

Command line Installation

Installing October can be done using these two methods

Command line (power users)


Wizard (very easy)


Wizard is certainly the easiest but means that the install files have to be downloaded on your machine and then uploaded to the server.

The alternative and subject of this guide is installation directly through the command line. It is lot easier as you just need ssh details nothing more.

October CMS has some server requirements for web hosting so its better to check them first before installing October CMS.

  • PHP version 7.0 or higher
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • cURL PHP Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Library
  • ZipArchive PHP Library
  • GD PHP Library

You can check php version by this php snippet.

PHP-version check

You can check extension list by this php snippet.

Extension list check
    echo "<pre>";

Alos you would need mod_rewrite to properly use SEO friendly urls (normally its enabled on servers but its good idea to check it first)

You can check enabled module list by this php snippet.

Apache modules check
    echo "<pre>";

After then we can process to installation process

1. Create Database

Simpaly we use sqlite database, so no need to do anything for now, as its very simple php can directly access it without installing any database server.

2. Install the required command files

Run this in your terminal to get the latest copy of October:

CURL cli installing OctoberCMS files
curl -s | php

Or if you don't have curl:

PHP evel cli installing OctoberCMS files
php -r "eval('?>'.file_get_contents(''));"
Successfull output will look like this


3. Installation Command

Installing OctoberCMS
php artisan october:install


4. Successfull installation


5. Permission Correction


on window machine you can skip this step as it may not require permission correction

on linux or mac you can use this code to correct permission issue.

first you need to go to your website root directory

(cd) Change Directory to proper location
cd ~/Sites/tute.test
// ^ make sure you put your root directory name here

then use this commmand

Change permissions for access
sudo chmod -R 777 storage
// it will promp password for permission, 
// enter password and press enter it will fix permission issue.
// if you get page write permission issue use this command as well
sudo chmod -R 777 themes

6. Finishing Installation.

After installtion check for update and update your october CMS.

Then you can start adding new themes and plugins to make your website look more professional.

We will cover how to install october theme and plugins in next tutorials.

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