How to Install OctoberCms Using Wizard

October CMS wizard installation

Installing October can be done using these two methods

Wizard (very easy)


Command line (power users)

It is for power users who like to use command interface to install it over ssh or programatically installing October CMS using commands automatically.

Wizard is very easy way to install October CMS but that means the install files have to be downloaded on your machine and then uploaded to the server.

October CMS has some server requirements for web hosting so its better to check them first before installing October CMS.

With wizard its really easy way to check it will show user interface where you can easily check required steps.


1. Download installation files.

You can go to October CMS website and download installation wizard files from there.

You can above url and download installer archive file. Then you need to unzip archive file and place its content to the root directory of your site.

2. Navigate to the install.php script in your web browser

Once you unzip all the files in root directory you need to navigate to install.php script from your browser to start installation process.

Here you can check server environment is properly configured or not if is not configured properly then you can configure it then just refresh page it will show you details right away.

Once all requirements are properly satisfied then you can move to next step by pressing next button at bottom right side.

2.5 Permission correction if required

Mostly linux and mac environmet need this step, if you done see any error like below screenshot you can skip this step.


You can see in screenshot it has not write permissionfor directory, we can fix it by just granting it write permission

on linux or mac you can use this code to correct permission issue.

first you need to go to your website root directory

(cd) Change directory to site root
cd ~/Sites/tute.test
// ^ make sure you put your root directory name here

then use this commmand

Permission correction
sudo chmod -R 777 .

It will correct permission issue and we can now move to next step by pressing next button at bottom right side.


3. Create Database

From left side general menu database option will be selected by default.

Simplay we use sqlite database, so we just need to select SQLite option and you can let datbase path default, as SQLite very simple php can directly access it without installing any database server.


4. Backend administrator user configuration

From left side general menu select administrator option.

It will allow us to choose backend administrator user password and other details like email and name etc.

You can fill appropriate details here, this will be your backend/admin account.

5. Advanced options

From left side advanced section advanced menu.

here we dont do much we just let it use its default options.

We can move to next step now by clicking continue button at right side at bottom.

6. Setting up your site options

Now this step let you choose if you want to start new site with any theme or just install October CMS without any plugins or themes

Its better to start with some basic theme to explore some features of October CMS.

You can pick Bonjour by RainLab theme which is clean and explaning some of October CMS features out of the box like multilanguage, popup and partials etc..

Just go to that plugin and click on install button and cofirm installation.


Once you confirm installation it will start installing October CMS it will show you progress of installtion.


7. Successful installation

Once installation is done it will greet you with Installation has been successfully completed message and it also show you link for backend and frontend.


you can go to backend and use credentials which we added for our backend administrator user account to login in backend.

you can go to frontend check your newly installed website.

8. After Successful installation

You will see important notice of successful installation.

For security reasons you should delete the installation files, the install.php script and the install_files directory.

So you should remove install.php script and the install_files directory from the root directory of your site.

9. Fixing Translation label issue if needed

you also notice navigation has some wiered name its because multilanguage cache is not updaed you can fix it from backend.

Go to backend > settings > translation section from left sidebar > Translate messages page.


now you press button Scan for messages then just select Purge all messages first and press Begin Scan button it will remove old cache and scan new translations. [ make sure you purge messages only in newly installed site, we suggest do not user this option in running site.]

it will fix translation label issue.

10. Finish installing October CMS using wizard

After all this steps done you are good to go !

You can add plugin and use different theme to make your site look more profession and add new features.

We will cover how to install october theme and plugins in next tutorials.

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