October CMS Theme

Themes define the appearance of your website or web application built with October CMS. They are completely file-backed and can be managed with any version control system, for example, Git. This page gives you a high-level description of October themes. You will find more details about pages, partials, layouts and content files in the corresponding articles.

Themes are directories that reside in the themes directory by default. Themes can contain the following objects:

  • Object: Description
  • Pages: represent the website pages.
  • Partials: contain reusable chunks of HTML markup.
  • Layouts: define the page scaffold.
  • Content files: text, HTML, or Markdown(opens new window) blocks that can be edited separately from the page or layout.
  • Asset files: They are resource files like images, CSS, and JavaScript files.

Popular October CMS Theme articles and code snippets

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