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If you wanted to feature on websites, say maybe to build backlinks, how would you know the most authoritative or reputable ones to target?

After all, there are over 1.8 billion websites on the Internet.

It turns out there is a rating system! Usually known as “MOZ Domain Authority”

All websites are not rated equal. Some pack more “respect and reputation” than others. Some are still trying to gain traction. Some have been online for years, steadily building their presence. Some only got registered this year.

This disparity that exists among websites gives rise to the need for a rating system, and it’s called (DA).

We have noticed lately that the SEO has developed into a lot more complexity in the last years. Google has figured out ways to understand the meaning of the different phrases and words and just using simple keywords could no longer guarantee results anymore, so you have to check da using DA Checker

The topics included in your website as important as keywords, in fact, you can develop an optimized website without knowing about the complex algorithms. You can see that some sites such as IMDB, Amazon and Wikipedia have a highly optimized content naturally. You can follow those guides while creating your own content. And by this way you can produce a richer content by improving your on-page SEO in an easy way with some simple advices.

The first advice before pa da checker and domain authority checker most important thing to take care of while creating your content is making relationships between the words and phrases, it is very important to make the content organized as much as you can and by that way the search engines can determine easily the on-page topics. There is a lot to take In that point as: The Primary related keywords: this means the phrases or words related to the main keywords. The secondary related keywords: those are the words, which is related to Primary keywords. The synonyms and related variants: all the abbreviations and phrases that can make the same meaning of the topic main keyword.

The second advice So let imagine the search engine entering our website, in the topic the first thing it will try to figure out the main keyword, the most important one which have the maximum number of relationships with other words, so you need to put few things in your mind while organizing the words and phrases of your topic. The position of the keywords inside the content as it has different impact whether the keyword is in the title, the headlines or in the main body.

If we talked about on-page optimization we have to mention something called the semantic distance, it is not a physical distance; in fact, it is a term, which is used to describe the different relationships between different phrases or words. It shows the connections between paragraphs, sentences and the other HTML elements. So does the search engine can relate two words which aren’t in the same paragraph? Yes it does, by measuring the semantic distance between the two phrases or words can give the search engine an indication of the strength of relation between the two of them.